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  • Champalou 2018 Chenin Blanc France

    Champalou 2018 Chenin Blanc France

    Ultimately, all discussion of Chenin Blanc should end where it begins, which is to say the Loire Valley of France. The Loire is the undisputed Chenin heartland, where the grape is celebrated in all its vinous versatility: from dry to sweet, sparkling to noble rot-imbued — indeed here the grape is known as Pineau de la Loire. Vouvray is one sub-region of the Loire Valley particularly known for its Chenin Blanc prowess, and Vouvray is home to Domaine Champalou. This is a purely authentic expression of Chenin, featuring lemon-lime and mineral zing complemented by citrusy, honey inflected zang. Amazing texture yet refreshing, with elegant balance overall.

    Bottom line : A- , Classy Chenin