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  • Champalou, Vouvray , Loire Valley

    Champalou, Vouvray , Loire Valley

    “Didier and Catherine Champalou have been making wine in Vouvray (a three-hour drive southwest from Paris) since 1983 and craft some of the most respected wines in the area,” James says. “Didier and Catherine’s daughter, Céline, is now making the wine after working harvests in New Zealand, South Africa, Languedoc, Corsica, and Canada. The climate and soil are what makes this wine so special. A warm continental climate allows for a long ripening season for the Chenin Blanc grape. When I’ve walked around their vineyards, I’ve found fossilized seashells and oysters, the ancient soils here are full of minerals. The gravel and chalk absorb sunshine during the day and release the heat at night, further warming and ripening the fruit. The Champalous farm sustainably while also integrating the use of the lunar calendar and organic vinification. It’s a wine that is so clean I almost feel healthier after drinking a glass of their Vouvray.”